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Protective Face Masks: Do You Need One?

Face masks were once something you only saw when watching Grey’s Anatomy, but now they have become a daily means of protection against the Coronavirus. With rules changing daily on the coronavirus spread, it can be hard to keep up with the current crisis and one thing many people are asking is, do we need to be wearing protective face masks? Well, the short answer is, sort of. On 11th May, the UK Government finally said that they do want the public to wear protective face “coverings”, which does include face masks. Although, this is only essential when on public ... View Post Protective Face Masks: Do You Need One?


It's easy to think lockdown essentials are your bed and fridge, but for some men keeping their style in check is just as important. Not being able to see your family and mates can take a massive toll on your mood and mental health. Remember looking good can make you feel good and even though you're not hitting the streets, keeping yourself feeling fresh can do wonders to your mood. If you're wanting to inject some style into your lockdown wardrobe, we've got a list of the best bits for your indoor fits. JOGGERS Let's start off with the most ... View Post STYLE ESSENTIALS FOR MEN: LOCKDOWN EDITION

Coronavirus: Essential Tips For Working From Home

You, among many others, may find yourself working from home over the coming weeks due to the Coronavirus outbreak. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, the UK government are insisting on social-distancing, so working home from home has become a reality for many. The Prime Minister urged if you have the opportunity, you should be working from home, in hope that this will reduce the spread of coronavirus. Of course, working from home isn't an option for everybody but if you have the choice you should take it. By avoiding the office, you are limiting your physical contact with ... View Post Coronavirus: Essential Tips For Working From Home


From fifties Americana styling to edgy layered leather, we've collated the biggest spring summer 2020 fashion trends for men, so you don't have to. This is the time of the year where men can really get ahead of the game and hit the biggest spring summer fashion trends of 2020 hard. Although we are currently in winter and the idea of wearing shorts seems like a mirage on the horizon, it is the perfect time to plan what you'll be wearing this year. There are certain pieces that you can upcycle from your current wardrobe and others that you may ... View Post SIX SS20 FASHION TRENDS THAT MEN MUST TRY


We are now in December, the temperature is low and the questions you may be asking is 'which coat suits my body shape' and 'how can I flatter my figure in a bulky coat?' There are numerous styles of coats to choose from and finding one that not only suits, but is comfortable and you feel confident in, can be a challenge. Everyone wants to flatter their body shape but not everyone knows their body shape, let alone how to dress it. Plus, if you're looking for a coat that suits your body shape, that can be a struggle within ... View Post WHICH COAT SUITS MY BODY SHAPE?

What Do Women Actually Want For Christmas?

From sleek wrap coats to must-have accessories, we've got everything you need to surprise the women in your life this Christmas. Buying Christmas gifts for women can be a real struggle, they know exactly what they want but they don't provide you with a guide to make it easy. Does she want clothes or a getaway? A nice bottle of champagne or a spa weekend? It's never an easy task to impress her at Christmas but that's where we come in. We've created a Christmas gift guide for her, specifically for helping you find the right gifts for the women ... View Post What Do Women Actually Want For Christmas?

Stylish Gift Ideas For Men

These stylish Christmas gift ideas are the perfect inspiration for treating the men in your life who are hard to buy for. As Christmas is fast approaching, it's now that time of year you need to start thinking about gift ideas, especially for men. It's easy to cop out around a week before and just buy gift vouchers, but gift vouchers are for the hesitant and that is not you. Men can be incredibly difficult to buy for, so nobody is judging you for struggling. If the guy you're shopping for is into style it can seem daunting trying to ... View Post Stylish Gift Ideas For Men

All I Want For Christmas Is… The Best Outfit At The Party

Your Christmas party outfit should focus on making a statement this year so throw your overworn LBD out of the window. The festive season has arrived which can only mean the Christmas party is drawing in, so you want to ensure you've thoroughly planned your outfit for the night. You might be lucky enough to have been invited to a number of seasonal soirees, and if that's the case you need to make sure you make an impact at each and every one. However, the golden rule still stands: you cannot wear the same outfit. If you are wanting to ... View Post All I Want For Christmas Is… The Best Outfit At The Party

Christmas Party Outfit Ideas For Men

The infamous Christmas party season has arrived, so make sure you know what to wear so your outfit gets the attention it deserves under the mistletoe. Christmas parties are a breed of their own. The Christmas party is the only time you'll be found stuffing your face with pigs in blankets and getting plastered on table wine whilst avoiding specific people after last year. Eventually, the preempted hangover will fade but the photos from the night will not, so it's vital that you're the best-dressed man in the room. It's easy to feel overwhelmed at the sartorial prospect of coming ... View Post Christmas Party Outfit Ideas For Men