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What to Wear to a Festival: The Essential Guide

Whether you’re going to Lovebox or Glastonbury, festival fashion can be hard to nail down. Television may leave you to believe that everyone is covered in glitter and rainbow prints, but this actually isn’t the case for most festivals. The majority of English festivals don’t have a dress code, so feeling confident and being yourself is the most important when considering what to wear to a festival. They do all have a particular vibe that many people want to stick with and we can help you nail that particular feel with ease. If you’re unsure as to what to wear ... View Post What to Wear to a Festival: The Essential Guide

The Men’s Guide On How To Wear a Turtleneck

Despite how trendy they are, turtlenecks can be intimidating for many men. Traditional versions of these high neck pieces may have been seen as uptight, but contemporary turtlenecks are flattering and sophisticated yet totally versatile. They can be worn for a surprising number of occasions, whether they be formal or completely laid-back. This year is the time in which the turtleneck is a champion trend. If you want to give it a go but aren’t sure how to style this piece, keep reading our guide on how to wear turtlenecks for men. 1/4 Suited & Booted One of the easiest ... View Post The Men’s Guide On How To Wear a Turtleneck

What To Wear With A Skirt: Inspiration For Every Style

Whether you’re dressing up for a night out or heading to work, skirts are a great option for the majority of occasions. They ooze sleek feminine vibes and show off your figure beautifully, cinching you in at the waist for a slimming effect on the tummy. Versatile and universally flattering, it’s no wonder why skirts are a go-to piece for most women. We all have a trusty skirt in our wardrobe, but why not experiment by wearing a totally different style? Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to wear with a skirt that’s out of your comfort zone, Rob’s ... View Post What To Wear With A Skirt: Inspiration For Every Style

What To Wear With Leggings

No woman’s wardrobe would be complete without a pair of simple black leggings. Although some people swear these comfy bottoms only belong in the gym, the revolution of ‘leggings as trousers’ has won many of us over. They’re flattering on every figure and are far more comfortable than jeans, plus they’re usually far more affordable. What’s not to love? You’d be surprised at how many looks you can create  with one pair of black leggings, as well as the many occasions that they work for. Say goodbye to sticking to the gym-only rule and get on board with the revolution ... View Post What To Wear With Leggings

What To Wear To A Christening

Christenings are a tricky one aren’t they? Not quite as formal as a wedding, but definitely too much of an occasion to turn up in skinny jeans. With that ambiguity, settling on what to wear to a christening from guesswork can result in a major fashion faux pas, which isn’t ideal when the photographs will be around for life. Don’t panic though; we can help you dress for any occasion, including this one.. Keep reading for three outfit ideas and essential tips for what to wear to a christening. 1/3 ONE: SMART-CASUAL CHRISTENING The knitted jumper and shirt combo is ... View Post What To Wear To A Christening

What To Wear For An Interview: Six Style Tips

Interviews are both exciting and nerve wracking in equal measure, especially during the lead up to the big day. Coming up with an interview outfit that fits the business brief while representing your personality can be difficult at the best of times. Even the most naturally stylish women among us struggle when it comes to these formal meetings, so needing help with interview clothes is totally normal. Ideally, you want to make an impression as soon as you walk through the door by showing off your personality through your clothes. Stuck on how to do so? Let us help you ... View Post What To Wear For An Interview: Six Style Tips

TREND ALERT: How To Wear Prints

If you haven’t noticed the plethora of prints popping up in the fashion world, where have you been? From Instagram to the runway, it’s been hard to ignore all the stylish print-based outfits coming out of nowhere.. Daring and eye-catching yet also totally wearable, it’s no wonder everyone's going crazy over this trend. Knowing exactly how to wear prints can be tricky, especially if you’ve stayed away from the bold and bright trend in the past. Don’t worry though, Rob’s got your back with all the tips and tricks to pulling off prints like a pro. 1/5 JUMPSUITS Jumpsuits are ... View Post TREND ALERT: How To Wear Prints

The Men’s Guide To Matching Colours To Create The Perfect Look

Admit it: many of us men stick with the same colour palette no matter what we’re wearing. Black, grey and navy are the usual go-tos simply because they’re safe. But where’s the fun in that? Experimenting with colour opens up a new world of dapper fashion that you’re currently missing out on. When it comes to matching clothes colours for men, knowing which colours work best together isn’t as difficult as it seems, and there are some pretty basic ways of finding out what combinations look best. HOW TO MATCH CLOTHES FOR GUYS When it comes to mastering colour, there ... View Post The Men’s Guide To Matching Colours To Create The Perfect Look

How To Pull Off Double Denim

You’ll either love it or hate it, but double denim is making a comeback. The term tends to conjure up images of fashion fails for many of us, yet so many celebrities have turned the old-school trend into a more modern aspect of their everyday looks. Previously recommended for the only the bravest fashionistas out there, you may be surprised at just how wearable it really is. There aren’t any written ‘double denim rules’, but there are plenty of things to avoid if you’re trying to get the look right. Need some advice on how to wear double denim the ... View Post How To Pull Off Double Denim