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One million plastic bags are used every minute worldwide and this is something that the retail industry are very guilty of. We, at Robert Goddard have made an active change to try and cut down our use of unsustainable energy and products.




  • By the end of spring 2020, all packaging will be recyclable 
  • All of our locations will no longer be reliant on fossil fuels
  • We will be actively looking into working with brands that are striving to be sustainable
  • Cut down our use of paper within web orders and in-store receipts

IN HQ... 

  • Currently we generate electricity from solar panels and we actually generate more energy than we use
  • Our heating system is also powered through our solar panels and occasionally topped up with biofuel
  • All of our boxes and tissue paper for our website orders are 100% recyclable 
  • We have opted for a full kitchen with glasses and mugs, instead of coffee and vending machines that use single use plastics


  • We have luxury cardboard bags for our customers which are reusable and recyclable
  • Currently we are using green fuel to produce electricity and gas
  • Our newer stores no longer rely on fossil fuels
  • Every light bulb inside the company is LED to reduce our carbon footprint