Have you got a special event coming up? From family weddings and your graduation day, to summer stag and hen do’s and race days, whatever the occasion, Robert Goddard’s guide to putting together occasion-wear that suits the event, will have you feeling stylish, confident and comfortable.


2023 brings an exciting and memorable national holiday: the coronation of King Charles III. 

Whether the whole neighbourhood is gathering or you’re hosting a little get-together at home, it’s a fantastic excuse to dress up.

Think: glamorous garden party. You might be inspired by the colourful and classic outfits of our late Queen Elizabeth II, and choose a bright and beautiful dress for the occasion.

Or you may take styling inspiration from Charles himself, with a well fitting suit, a floral tie, and traditional and timeless cufflinks

Finish your outfit off with a pair of stylish heels or smart men’s brogue shoes.


Wedding RSVP sent? - Time to find the perfect outfit. 

Before shopping for a wedding outfit, it is always a good idea to check the dress code with the happy couple. Some couples may go for a theme, for example colour schemes to reflect the season.  

However, many weddings simply ask for elegant outfits and within that pretty much anything goes!

When choosing a wedding guest outfit, make sure you consider the time of year. Will the wedding be in the summer? Or is it an autumnal celebration with a high chance of rain? 

For a summer wedding, you might like to explore floral patterned dresses or go for a bright and beautiful coloured skirt. A pretty dress is always a good outfit for a wedding, paired with a blazer and heels for the ceremony and formal photographs, and for a night of dancing swap to a pair of cute and comfortable flats

Men can’t go wrong with a crisp shirt and a smart suit. Want to inject some personality into your outfit? Pair a traditional suit with some quirky designer accessories, including stylish cufflinks, floral ties, leather belts, and smart brogue shoes

And what about an autumn or winter wedding? You could look for deeper colours — perhaps pretty jewel tones that Ted Baker dresses are renowned for. 

You might also want to consider layering up. When it comes to women’s occasion wear, there are plenty of ways to stay on-trend without getting too cold! Look for complimentary knitwear, jackets and coats or scarves to make sure you look stylish and feel warm. 

Men can add warmth to their outfits by layering smart and stylish coats over the top of their suits.


Graduation is a time for celebrating your achievements with family and friends. All that hard work has finally paid off and you’re ready to step into the big wide world. As such, you’ll probably want something you can wear under your graduation robes, for a celebratory meal with family and friends, as well as dance the night away in after you get your diploma. 

Your graduation is a formal ceremony so it’s best to go for a smart outfit.

Your cap and gown might cover most of your outfit during the ceremony but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make an effort. Why not go for something vibrant that will stand out against your black gown or go for an outfit that will be a subtle contrast to your gown or hood colour. 

A cocktail dress is ideal for ladies, while a snappy suit will look great on any gent. 

Before choosing your outfit, it is always best to check your university’s dress code guidelines. 

Ted Baker dresses are a great option for graduation, mixing style, fun prints and formal wear together. They also have a great selection of men’s suits that you can pair with formal leather shoes, pocket squares, ties and stylish cufflinks.

Our top tip for your graduation day is to ensure you are wearing smart shoes that are comfortable. You will be wearing these throughout the day, and they will be visible as you walk across the stage to collect your diploma as well as in photographs. For ladies we suggest wearing flats!


Perhaps it’s not quite time for the wedding celebrations yet but you’re looking for the perfect outfit to help celebrate the bride or groom's upcoming nuptials. Keep it classy and casual, and pair the perfect fitting denim jeans, with a pretty top for ladies, and for men why not go for a classic polo shirt? Or for more upscale celebrations and nights out, swap jeans for smart men’s chinos, and exchange ladies denim for a mini skirt and top combo. 

Do you have a weekend of celebrations ahead? Make sure you include some stylish accessories to mix up your outfits, from mens bags and belts, to ladies purses and heels.


Fancy your chances at the races? 

While most racecourses don’t have hard and fast rules on dress code, you’ll generally be expected to sport a smart outfit. Most women tend to go for formal dresses — tailored shirt dresses and cocktail dresses are a stylish choice — and men usually wear lighter coloured suits. Some racecourses will allow smart shorts and neat jeans but it is always a safe bet to double-check with the venue. Trainers are usually regarded as a bit of a no-no.

As you’ll spend a lot of time on grass, it’s usually more practical to choose flat shoes over heels. 

Don’t forget your accessories! A day at the races is a lovely opportunity to dress up so why not go all out? Gent’s can ensure their outfit is stylish from head to toe, from their choice of suit, shirt and shoes, to their cufflinks, belts and wallets


No matter what event you’re celebrating, you can find the perfect fashionable outfit at Robert Goddard. From smart suits to formal dresses that will turn heads, take a look at our designer menswear and womenswear collections.