What To Wear To A Christening | Men's Christening Outfits

Christenings are a tricky one aren’t they? Not quite as formal as a wedding, but definitely too much of an occasion to turn up in skinny jeans. With that ambiguity, settling on what to wear to a christening from guesswork can result in a major fashion faux pas, which isn’t ideal when the photographs will be around for life. Don’t panic though; we can help you dress for any occasion, including this one.. Keep reading for three outfit ideas and essential tips for what to wear to a christening.



The knitted jumper and shirt combo is a classic, probably because it works so well at events like this. Formal enough for a church setting without looking like you’re getting wed, this is a good choice if you aren’t sure of the dress code.

Opt for a navy knit rather than black to avoid looking gloomy – this is a happy occasion, after all! Two black pieces are more than enough, and you should leave this to the trousers and shoes. Chinos are acceptable if it’s a smart-casual event, just make sure they’re slim fit rather than loose.

Most smart shoes are fine for christenings, but we’d recommend some stylish ankle boots with this outfit.

Rob’s Top Tips: Navy works well with many colours, giving you the freedom to get creative with your choice of tie, which is the main element that will formalise the look. Chinos and a sweater are a great option for casual occasions but, if you’re going smart casual, adding this accessory can make the look more suitable for a semi-formal dress code.



If the christening you’re attending is a fancier affair, you’ll need to step up your game with a two-piece suit. Whether you need a tie depends on the event, but it’s better to be safe and wear one as you can always take it off when you see what other guests are wearing. If you do so, remember to undo your top button or risk looking uptight.

Sleek and gleaming, cufflinks are an accessory that catches the eye. They add sophisticated style to the outfit without much effort at all, as they naturally ooze opulence. Guaranteed to make you look like a gentleman, black brogues look flawless when paired with a suit of any colour.

Rob’s Top Tip: Leave black behind when it comes to suits, or you may end up looking like you’re heading to a funeral. Navy and grey are a far better choice for a christening, so you don’t need to worry about what to wear to a christening when you know Navy and Grey is always going to look good.



Not many people think of comfort when formalwear is mentioned, especially when the sun starts beaming. Summer is a popular time for christenings and getting overheated in a stuffy church isn’t exactly ideal.

Swap long sleeves for a crisp short sleeved shirt to feel the breeze. Neatly tuck it into some fitted checkered trousers and top it all off with a smart belt. Try to match it with your shoes – we recommend pristine brown brogues to finish off this dapper ensemble.   

Rob’s Top Tip: Too hot to wear brogues? Loafers are formal enough for a christening but aren’t as clunky and thick as the traditional shoe of choice.