What to Wear to a Festival: The Essential Guide | THE STYLE INSIDER

Every summer, the UK embraces the little sun we seem to get and goes crazy for festival season. Over the years, festival fashion has become a whole category in itself, and isn’t just limited to baggy tops and jeans. It can be tricky to nail it correctly, and it certainly isn't all glitter and rainbows.

Each festival, while not having dress codes, do have their own vibe, so if you want to turn some heads, it’s important you tap into that. The main thing is to be yourself, and to feel confident, so no matter what you decide to wear, we can help you find the perfect outfit.


Glastonbury is one of the biggest festivals in the world, and is also one of the most anticipated each year, with tickets selling out in minutes.

Anything goes at a festival of this size, so your choice can range from the more typical festival outfits like feathers and fringing, to just a bog standard, everyday fit. But you’re at Glastonbury, so why not dress up?!

A nice floaty dress is perfect for keeping you cool during the sweaty crowds, but also will give you more room to move and won’t be restrictive. 

It’s also a good idea to take a small crossbody bag with you to the stage, which means that you won’t have to keep trekking back to your tent for essentials.

Since Glasto is on a farm, and is visited by thousands, wellies are usually the go-to, but some chunky trainers are also a good option for those wanting to add some edge to their outfit.


Boomtown is your typical festival, where more is more. It’s the place to go for all kinds of electronic music, and also for underground artists with a gritty and rave-like vibe.

Don’t shy away from colour, and embrace the madness by mixing and matching tones and patterns. Dresses are an easy go-to but a mini skirt will also fit right in too. Pair skirts or shorts with a crop top or casual tee, which will allow you to dance the night away in comfort.

A hat is an essential at Boomtown, with most people opting for a baseball cap or bucket hat to complete their look. We’d also recommend a crossbody bag to keep any personal items safe and secure while you’re raving.


Based in London, Wireless is the best festival if rap, hip-hop, and urban music are your thing. There’s no campsite, so you should make sure your outfit is comfortable enough to be walking around in all day.

Wireless is a great place to show off your street style, so ditch the glitter and feathers, and instead go for sportswear, baseball caps, and nice trainers. Brands such as Emporio Armani, BOSS, and Ralph Lauren will all feel at home at this event.

As this festival takes place in the middle of London, you can forget the wellies and wear some sporty trainers to complete the look. These pastel ones from HOFF are great for adding a splash of colour. 

Finally, finish off your look with a trendy baseball cap to keep the rays off your face, and keep you looking great.

Reading & Leeds

Reading & Leeds Festival is another huge contender in the UK festival scene. There are a range of different artists that perform, from all different genres, which means you can amp up the edge.

For the ladies, black dresses are a great choice, especially when paired with ripped or fishnet tights. Even adding some white into the mix will make the monochromatic look pop and adds a touch of mod chic.

Of course you don’t have to opt for black (especially if you’d rather avoid it in summer) and can instead opt for blues and reds. Although whatever you do, don’t settle on too much white, as it’s highly likely that by the time you’re done dancing it won’t be the same colour it started. 

Chunky biker boots look great for both men and women, and will help you fit right in with the rest of the festival goers.


Boardmasters is based in Cornwall, one of the UK’s most beautiful summer holiday destinations. Here, it’s all about the beachy, surfer vibes, with an emphasis on being more laid back.

Sleeveless and cami tops are a great option for festival goers, as they exude that beachy feel without being too revealing. They’re also easy to pair with shorts or distressed denim to complete your stylish fit.

For men, it’s easy to get away with wearing a plain or graphic tee, with some chino or khaki shorts, which really emphasise that relaxed feel.

One important thing to consider is that the cool breeze from the coast can get a little chilly in the evenings, so make sure to pack a chunky knit jumper to make sure you don’t catch a chill.

Outfits for every festival

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