A Complete Guide to HOFF Trainers

New to the Robert Goddard family is HOFF — a designer trainers, clothing, and accessories brand that brings an unexpected twist to our fashion trainers collection. 

We’re excited to welcome HOFF to Robert Goddard and offer a designer trainer brand that works so well with the other brands and pieces in our store. Let’s take a look at what this brilliant brand is all about and explore some of our current favourite styles.

What is HOFF?

The HOFF brand was founded in Spain in 2016 with a mission to blur the line between quality, amazing designs and fair prices. Drawing on inspiration from all over the world, HOFF consistently produces beautiful design after beautiful design. Proud to create sneakers that “fit you like Cinderella”, their designer trainers are perfect for those looking for an everyday sneaker with a unique edge.

We adore the contemporary feel that they bring to their women's sneakers — bringing a splash of spring hues to a minimal, neutral outfit or allowing a soft colour scheme to tie into a more bold, playful ensemble.

Our favourite HOFF women's trainers

While we covet all the HOFF sneakers in our women's trainers collection, we have some personal favourites. 

Griffith Trainer - Camel

This multicolour pastel trainer combines camel and tan tones with a dose of baby pink and green to create a colourful shoe with a muted, natural feel. Suede panels accentuate this even further and add a luxurious texture that contrasts with the other components on the shoe. With a memory foam insole and a serrated rubber sole, comfort and functionality is more than accounted for. 

This is a statement everyday trainer you can dress up or down as you please. We would pair these sneakers with some denim jeans and a top to keep things casual or a floral skirt in a complementary colour scheme.

Metro Trainer - Nude

If you’re searching for leather trainers with a twist, check out HOFF’s Metro Trainer in nude which combines leather and other textiles to create a panelled dash of colour on top of a neutral base. These trainers are perfect for skipping around the city streets, running errands, or dressing up for a day-to-night transition. 

Sleek, stylish, and built to last with a 3.5 cm high recycled rubber sole, you can be sure you’re always putting your best foot forward. Pair with a summery dress that you can also wear in the office, some chic tailored trousers, or a fun, floaty skirt on your days off.

HOFF women’s trainers at Robert Goddard

Take a look at our HOFF trainers for women at Robbert Goddard. Our fantastic HOFF designer trainers collection revolves around soft pastel shades of blue, yellow, and pink, resulting in gorgeous, versatile shoes that will add a subtle pop of colour to any outfit.

See how HOFF expertly blends fashion and functionality to allow you to express yourself, make a real style statement, and treat your feet to the best in comfort and support. And why not take a peek at our womenswear collection to find some staple outfits to wear with your new HOFF sneakers?