Beach Wedding Guide For Men | THE STYLE INSIDER

Knowing what to wear for a traditional wedding is hard enough, but beach weddings? That’s a whole other ballgame of confusion. You have to factor in a lot more when an event is based outdoors: the weather, terrain and general dress code all have to be considered before you turn up.

Whether you’re a wedding newbie or an experienced best man, there’s no harm in getting some inspiration before you attempt to style a look. If you’re looking for men’s beach wedding outfits, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our guide.


  • Flip-flops – the bride doesn’t want to see your toes as she’s walking down the aisle. Unless specified, avoid bare feet and flip-flops in favour of closed toe shoes. This includes boat shoes, loafers and brogues.
  • Super dark outfits – yes, it’s a wedding, but you’re still at the beach. Avoid overheating by rejecting black or too many dark colours.
  • Brash patterns – As tempting as it may be to whip out your Hawaiian shirt, a wedding is not the place. Stand out for your fashion sense, not your crazy clothes.
  • Ties – Unless the wedding is strictly formal, ditch the tie and leave your top button undone. This will keep you cool and make the outfit look less stuffy.
  • Three piece suits – Do you fancy passing out in the heat in the middle of your mate’s ceremony? We didn’t think so. Avoid a full suit and opt for lighter pieces so you don’t feel faint.
  • Baggy trousers – Keep it fitted and formal, folks.


  • Lightweight materials – Linen and cotton are way more breathable than other materials.
  • Smart shorts – Yes, shorts can absolutely be smart. Avoid jogger shorts and look out for tailored shorts or those inspired by chinos.
  • Sophisticated prints and colours – Plaid, grey and blue are amazing colours to consider.
  • Dapper accessories – Cufflinks, leather belts, watches and braces can look remarkably gentlemanly.


Laid Back Beach Wedding


If you’re looking for an outfit to suit a laidback wedding, we’ve got you covered. Always check if there is a dress code before planning your outfit, but most beach weddings allow for a more laid-back approach compared to the traditional church affair.

Short sleeved shirts show off the results of arm day while keeping the heat at bay, making them the perfect for a trip away. Leave the top button undone for a relaxed vibe without looking underdressed.

Avoid regular sports shorts – this isn’t a trip to the football pitch, after all. Chino shorts, however, are the perfect blend of formal and laidback. Add a belt and matching loafers to tie the whole look together.

Rob’s top tip: Unless the wedding has a set theme in regards to dress code, play it safe by sticking with blue shorts. They’re a naturally beachy choice that isn’t too out there, making it a reliable option when you aren’t sure what to wear.


Beach Wedding Traditional


Some people want their wedding day to be a very formal affair, regardless of how hot it may be. In this case, you’ll have to ditch the shorts in favour of trousers. Plaid is a trendy pattern that has plenty of vintage charm, making it perfect for this type of event.

A matching vest and trouser combo is more cooling than a full suit but still follows a formal dress code. This can, however, look a bit odd when paired with a short sleeved shirt. In this case, wear a thin white long sleeved shirt and push up the sleeves to the elbow. Trust us; this will subtly highlight your forearms and look dapper rather than messy.

For shoes, opt for formal brogues or boat shoes. Stay away from loafers in this case and stick with smart shoes only. If you can’t wear them to the office, don’t wear them to a formal beach wedding.

Rob’s top tip: We recommend going without a tie at the beach due to how restricting they are. If you feel like you need to add a more formal touch to the outfit, add a bow tie or leave your top button undone when wearing a conventional tie.


Smart Casual Mens Wedding


Of course, you don’t have to go strictly casual or formal. The safest bet, if you have no clue what to expect, is to meet somewhere in the middle of the two.

One way of doing this is to go for a simple yet effective pairing of smart trousers and a lightweight white shirt. Go for a slim fit to show off your frame without stealing the show from the bride and groom.

As previously mentioned, you should avoid black trousers altogether. Light blue and grey work wonderfully on this occasion, especially when paired with a stark white shirt. You’re free to experiment with shoes here, as it suits a manner of styles, but thin loafers look great and are weather appropriate.

Rob’s top tip: Linen shirts are a lot lighter than other materials. They’re an excellent choice for beach weddings, where you’ll be sat out in the sun for a long time, as linen is very breathable. This loose beachy shirt looks great when paired with fitted trousers.




It’s possible that the weather won’t be boiling hot, allowing you to wear more layers without running the risk of overheating. In this case, you can dress in a more traditional fashion and merely put a beachy twist on it.

Opt for a light suit jacket and matching trousers. Choosing matching pieces is an easy way of looking effortlessly suave.

Pair this combination with a pale blue shirt to bring an ocean-inspired feel to the rest of the outfit. Blue complements neutral hues like grey wonderfully too, adding a subtle pop of colour without taking over the entire look.

As this outfit is so light in colour, you can get away with black shoes. However, we’d still recommend going for a brown, navy or chestnut as midnight black will look severe compared to the rest of the outfit.

Rob’s top tip: White is always risky for a wedding. You run the risk of annoying the bride, regardless of what gender you are – plus there’s more of a chance of getting a stain when sitting outdoors. Icy grey has the same cooling effect but doesn’t show dirt as clearly.



Our last recommendation is a combination of some options given above. Chino shorts are smart enough for a wedding and will ensure you aren’t suffering under the sun.

Adding a smart, lightweight blazer will make you look smart without ruining the beachy effect the chino shorts give off. Go for a crisp grey jacket in an icy hue as this looks amazing when worn with a fresh white shirt.

The length of your shirt sleeves depends on your preference, as well as the weather. If you think you can deal with long sleeves under a blazer, go for it. You can always ditch the jacket later and roll up your sleeves if you regret this decision. Short sleeves are a good option if you know it’ll be sweltering on the day.

While we admit this outfit would look good with a pair of sandals, save them for another occasion. Choose formal boat shoes or loafers to stay stylish but sophisticated – it is a wedding, after all.

Rob’s top tip: As you’re going for a plain top half, you can experiment with the colour of your shorts. Navy is a dependable choice, but why not try coral, red or pale green hues before you decide? You could even try a pattern such as plaid, as long as you stick with classy choices rather than brash floral prints.