How To Pull Off Double Denim - THE STYLE INSIDER

You’ll either love it or hate it, but double denim is making a comeback. The term tends to conjure up images of fashion fails for many of us, yet so many celebrities have turned the old-school trend into a more modern aspect of their everyday looks. Previously recommended for the only the bravest fashionistas out there, you may be surprised at just how wearable it really is.

There aren’t any written ‘double denim rules’, but there are plenty of things to avoid if you’re trying to get the look right. Need some advice on how to wear double denim the right way? Keep reading our guide for some inspiration.



If you want to get to grips with the unspoken double denim rules without looking like JT and Britney, avoid wearing the same shade of denim. Instead, try pairing a classic blue denim jacket with black skinny or slim fit jeans, depending on the kind of fit you prefer. Both styles frame your body and are guaranteed to show off the results of leg day.

Change things up by choosing a ringer tee rather than a plain one. This gives the outfit more interesting elements while still maintaining the laidback minimalist look we all love. Add some matching white and black shoes to keep a flow throughout the outfit; trainers look great with a denim jacket, plus you’ll feel comfortable when out and about.

Rob’s Top Tip: Try experimenting with different shades of denim with this look, such as a black jacket with blue jeans. It’ll make you feel more comfortable and give you confidence in the double denim effect, which is key to pulling off the look.



Another great way of incorporating double denim into your everyday look is by wrapping a denim shirt around your waist. Not only does it put a stylish off-duty twist on every outfit, but you’ll have a back-up plan to keep you warm should things get chilly in the evening. Wearing a shirt around your waist puts detail between a plain top and jeans, breaking up the look perfectly.

Let the denim steal the show by pairing it with a casual fitted white tee and black jeans. Choosing neutral colours lets the shirt really pop for a simple yet effective double denim look. You can push the concept further by switching out the black jeans for dark blue, but always check how well the two different shades look together.

Finish off the look with sporty trainers and a black baseball cap to give you that street-style vibe.

Rob’s Top Tip: Long sleeves are surprisingly effective at subtly showing off your arms, especially if you roll them up to your elbow.



Feeling brave enough to tackle the trend head on? We still recommend sticking with two different shades of denim, but you can experiment a little with lighter combinations. Opt for dark blue jeans rather than black as recommended with the other looks, and stick with a slim fit to look more refined.

The denim shirt and tee combo is a classic, so much so that it should be a staple in every well-groomed man’s wardrobe. Choose a plain white tee to be worn under an open shirt; the pristine colour is a great backdrop for the main event, which should be the double denim.

Finish off your look with some charming black Chelsea boots and you’re good to go.

Rob’s Top Tips: Avoid using the same shades of denim when wearing this look or you may find yourself inadvertently looking like someone from a Western film. Create a contrast instead by choosing two different shades for the top and bottom – trust us!