How to Stop Shoes Rubbing: Comfortable Fashion Tips
Few things can make you feel as good as stepping out in a new pair of shoes. If you want to look good then you should always start at the bottom and work your way up, because few things can define you like your footwear.

Whether you want to look smart, casual or a mix of both, the right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. The boost of confidence you get from wearing the right pair is unbelievable – you literally walk around feeling like you’ve got the world at your feet.

And then – the pain. That’s right. The shoes may look right, but they feel so horribly wrong.

Chafing, split, sore skin or – worst of all – blisters are among the painful pitfalls you can get from a new pair of shoes.

But don’t banish them back to the box just yet. These tips will put the spring back in your step.


Shoes mould to fit the shape of your foot, and the more you wear them the quicker they will feel like that trusty pair of trainers you’ve owned and loved for years.

So before you debut your new footwear at work or down the pub, slip them on inside your own home as you carry on about your normal business.

Don’t be afraid to try out a few lunges or swift steps up the stairs to get them working and test the shoes in ways you wouldn’t it you were just doing the washing up or watching TV.

This helps you get a feel for chafing hot spots that you may want to take note of. Besides, nobody can see you anyway!


Of course, you would normally wear socks with your shoes. But when you’re wearing them in, pull on a second pair for extra cover.

Not only does this distance your skin from the troublesome parts of the shoe and protect you from cuts and blisters, it will also help speed up the process of stretching the shoe to the shape that fits you best.

Two pairs of socks will do the trick, but hiking or football socks will add extra thickness. Not very glam, but it definitely does the trick.


Leather can be a tough opponent. No matter how good it looks it will remain stubbornly stern and can quite easily cause you problems, particularly where the top of your shoe meets the foot, on the heel or around the toes.

But there is a trick that may help you. Heating leather makes it that bit more flexible, so a few seconds under a hairdryer will make it easier to slip that shoe on and a little more comfortable to wear. Nothing like a bit of multitasking half way through a blow dry!


It’s the friction from rubbing against your new shoes that causes blisters to appear. Although they are often gone in a few days, you certainly can’t forget them when they’re there.

It is definitely best to think ahead and take action to ensure you don’t get them appearing on your skin.

Keeping your feet dry by wearing thicker socks. Using talcum powder helps too. But a great cheat is to apply vaseline onto the hotspots to ensure less friction and fewer chances of blisters.

There’s nothing better than getting a fresh pair of shoes and now you don’t have to suffer for the sake of style. Whether you’re a heels person or always reach for trainers, you can find all the latest trends here at Robert Goddard.