Layering tricks: a guide to navigating autumn’s unpredictable weather

Everyone has faced those autumn mornings when you look outside and can’t decide how the weather will go. As summer draws to a close and the mornings start to get colder, British people face that awkward couple of months where it isn’t quite cold enough to get the heavy-duty winter coat out of the wardrobe but the breeze will give you shivers in a t-shirt. You are freezing on the way out of the door but by the time you get to work, you are stripping nearly bare to cool down. The easiest way to tackle this weather-related worry is to be smart with layering. Most of us will have been introduced to this idea when hiking or skiing, but the same theory can be applied to your day-to-day wardrobe. So even when you experience 4 seasons in one day (lovely British weather!) you can always adapt your outfit to suit. 

Always start with thinner layers and build up

You may want to start with a thin layer underneath, such as a long sleeve t-shirt or a thin turtleneck jumper. Make sure you choose a light and breathable fabric like cotton, merino wool or silk. Merino wool is always a good choice as it is not only breathable but has great moisture-wicking qualities too. This is essential for your base layer as it protects the rest of your clothing from becoming damp should you find yourself running for the coffee at lunch. Colours and patterns can be mixed and matched for this layer but try not to be too ambitious with too many prints as this can make the look seem cluttered. 

Return of the sweater vest 

This year has seen the return of a 70’s staple: the sweater vest. Worn with a shirt underneath, this not-so-cool item has had a makeover to become a trending item this autumn with lots of designers creating cool, oversized pieces. Sweater vests are a great piece to layer with, providing extra warmth for your middle whilst keeping your arms light. If the sweater vest trend still feels too far from your comfort zone, why not try a gilet or a waistcoat for the same effect? 

Too cold for a shirt? Try a shacket!

Once known as an overshirt, this piece has also been rebranded for 2021. A shacket (shirt and jacket) has been one of the most popular trends this year in both men’s and women’s fashion. Perfect for those awkward mid-season weather changes, a shacket allows you to smarten up any outfit. Try matching a shacket with a casual hoodie underneath, paired with jeans and boots for a warm winter outfit that still looks stylish. If a hoodie isn’t your thing, try a roll neck or turtleneck jumper underneath. 

For when winter arrives…

The staple piece of any A/W21 wardrobe has to be a strong, durable coat which will last you through the cold British winter. Look for wool blends, leather, duck down and polyester mixes for the cosiest of coats. Ideally you are looking for a waterproof strong shell, with an insulating but lightweight filling. Napapijri does this very well with the added bonus of using recycled down-free materials. Other brands such as Barbour and Parajumpers also create winter coats which are known for their durability and innovative designs. A good coat will not only see you through one or two British winters but several. 

Layering isn’t always about the clothes - accessories matter too.

Lastly, accessorising with different pieces can add the final layer to your outfit. From scarves, to bags, to hats and gloves; there are endless combinations of items which can add the finishing touches to your everyday outfits. Why not embrace the ‘man-bag’ trend outside of the office and experiment with a cross-body bag? They are compact and lie close to your body ensuring security with minimal movement, so there will be no more struggle to fit your phone, keys, wallet and everything else in your jean’s pocket! Many of our brands have fully embraced the man bag, bringing out lots of different styles from Fred Perry to Hugo Boss