Men's Guide On How To Wear A Scarf All Year Round | THE STYLE INSIDER

The scarf is a must-have in every wardrobe, regardless of your personal style. In the colder months, it is vital to know how to wear a scarf and protect yourself from the elements while adding extra elements to a look. Although it’s often mistaken for such, the scarf isn’t just a winter garment.

Worn correctly, a scarf can compliment any outfit, any time of year. They’re an undeniably dapper accessory, so why aren’t you sporting it more? Here are our favourite ways of tying a scarf so you can rock it no matter the occasion.



Perhaps the definitive way to wear a scarf, this look has been in use for as long as anyone cares to remember.

A striped number will make you look like a 1950s college kid on campus and a chequered style can be reminiscent of ‘Rupert the Bear’ if not styled correctly, but the right look will make you a man on a mission.

Simply drape over your neck with one end of the scarf longer than the other.

Use the longer end to throw the scarf back over your opposite shoulder. For longer scarves, wrap once around your neck before tossing back.

Best worn: All year round.

Rob’s top tip: Change the scarf to match the time of year – a thicker scarf for winter with your woollens and topcoat, a lighter one in summer to a compliment crisp shirt or colourful blazer.


THE 007

Arguably the smartest and classiest way to wear a scarf. This is Daniel Craig as James Bond or Italian footballer Paolo Di Canio stepping out on the town in his hyper-cool Italian way.

Also known as the Ascot knot, it is a little trickier to tie than other styles. But stick with it as you will be delighted with the outcome.

Drape the scarf around your neck, with both ends of equal length.

Cross one end over the other and then under as if creating the base knot when tying your shoes.

With the front end now flat and covering the knot, adjust upwards.

Because this style covers much of the neck tightly, it is a particular favourite in those colder months. However, it can look equally as empowering tucked in, on the outside or with your coat left undone.

Best worn: In winter, walking the dog in the park, wrapping up at the races or saving the country from Blofeld.

Rob’s top tip: This look succeeds when the scarf coincides with the outfit. A low-quality scarf would look out of place with more stylish clothing and vice versa.



This is a timeless and elegant look traditionally sported by city slickers heading to work, old money on their way to the theatre or the mafia boss doing whatever a mafia boss chooses to do.

It looks presidential. It suggests confidence and power.

The style is as simple as it is effective, adding some warmth on a chilly autumnal day as well as a splash of colour and character to what otherwise could be a uniformed look among you and your peers.

Simply place the scarf around your neck and tuck the ends into an overcoat or tuxedo, giving a splash of style.

Best worn: In autumn, somewhere chic.

Rob’s top tip: Use a single coloured scarf in luxurious materials as not to over complicate a simple look. Cashmere and wool are particular winners.



A style that has been very on trend in recent years, perhaps due to the fact it is favoured by the likes of style guru David Beckham.

Simply hold the two ends of the scarf together in your left hand and pull the loop tight in your right. Drape over your neck and push the two ends through the loop before pulling tightly.

This is a look which can work all year round – over topcoats, jackets, blazers, T-shirts or jumpers.

Best worn: All year round.

Rob’s top tip: Achieve a better aesthetic by using a shorter scarf.



Perhaps the hippest and trendy of the looks, this is a style that may not suit everyone.

Best worn in the brighter, warmer months with a lighter scarf, this look can add a bit more personality to an outfit, whether it is T-shirt and jeans or something a little smarter. It is also a great way to complete that festival look.

Simply begin with one short end around your neck and the rest of the scarf draped around the other side. Keep wrapping around until you are left with two short ends. Tuck both ends into the wrapped scarf.

Best worn: Spring or summer.

Rob’s top tip: Try experimenting using silk or cotton scarves as these materials can give off totally different vibes. Colourful designs work as well as single colours.



Favoured by the football fan on the terrace because it’s so quick and easy to grab each end and hold the garment aloft above your head for an impromptu bout of singing, this is by far the simplest and – dare we say it – most unimaginative way to wear a scarf.

Simply wrap it around your neck and let each side dangle down your front.

Just make sure both ends are of similar length or you’ll look like you just threw it on as you dashed out of the house.

Best worn: At the match, during football season.

Rob’s top tip: Don’t wear the wrong team’s scarf in the home end – trust us, this is a mistake you really don’t want to make.