The Style Staple: What to Wear with Black Jeans | THE STYLE INSIDER

Everyone has at least one pair stashed in their wardrobe, however, we all still ask “what to wear with black jeans”? They’re arguably the most versatile piece of clothing in existence and yet we still question how to wear them! If you’re anything like us, black jeans will be a staple in your personal style. Clean and sophisticated, they are reliable for all occasions. A night out with the girls? Sure. Popping to the shop? Of course. Officewear? They’ve got you covered.

It’s not all about skinny jeans either, there are a lot of options if you don’t fancy a second skin! You can create a great off-duty look with a pair of boyfriend jeans, or mix it up with a throwback to flared denim. Day or night, denim will be your best friend, it’s the perfect foundation for any look and gives you free rein to embrace all colours and styles.

So, to make your life easier, we’ve gathered a load of our favourite looks featuring black jeans with the hopes of inspiring, refreshing and giving your style confidence.




One of the easiest go-to looks is slipping on a classic tee. Whether you decide to tuck in or just accessorise to the max, this is one of the most effective black jean combos possible! The monochrome trend is huge so pairing black denim with a white or grey tee appears chic and sharp. The crew-neck collars also offer your neck up for elongation. Another great tip, if you’re petite, is tying your hair up in a messy bun, you’ll maximise the exposure of skin, making your neck go on for miles!

A simple clutch or across-body bag will be the perfect companion with a tee. This will offer a tiny dose of femininity and a touch of character to what is a pretty basic outfit. You can also try out accessorising a plunge tee with a delicate bralette like below. The black lace under the top perfectly links back to the tone of the jeans.


It’s also important to learn the art of ‘tucking’. If you’ve got curves a full tuck will help highlight waistline and pull you in. However, if you are tall or have a straight figure a half-tuck is perfect! It will easily hang around your torso appearing relaxed and will give you that classic model-off-duty look.

The loose fit of a tee will contrast perfectly with the fit of skinny jeans, hugging you in all of the right places while still being comfortable. Biker jackets also go hand-in-hand with loose tees.

The text on the shirt below complements the accessories, tying it all together. As we’ve mentioned, you don’t have to be confined to just wearing skinnies. One of the coolest revivals recently has been the seventies and a pair of flared jeans will not go amiss. A statement in themselves, black flared jeans don’t need a lot to accessorise them. Commonly found with a high-waist flared jeans look great with t-shirts tucked in and oversized coats! The wide hem screams to be paired with a pair of court heels or ugly trainers.




A personal favourite, layering. Black jeans lend themselves to being the base of every outfit and can quickly be built up with style. Layering needn’t just be knits either, you can really explore your personal style here.

A controversial trend that we adore is double denim. Just because you’re wearing black denim on your bottom-half doesn’t mean you can’t swap up the top for a bit of blue wash!


As seen above, the jacket is shapeless and highlights her exposed waistline, complementing the high rise fit denim . The hem of the jacket has is straight which contrasts with the rip on the knee, tying this vintage aesthetic together.

Very much weather dependent, the skinny-fit of the jeans on the left work with the longline hem of the coat. Normally an item that exudes refinement, the duster here has been styled with a high-neck jumper that’s been half tucked. You can see the shine of a belt buckle which adds a touch of opulence to an otherwise simple outfit.

Tying this all together, the boxy structure of the clutch bag reflects the sleekness of the denim and complements the colourway of the denim.

One of the best parts of layering has to be the comfort and slouchiness. In this case, only working with a two-toned palette will help you to showcase any detailing and texture. For instance, the look on the left, if you have an all-black look, the length of the coat will help frame it.

Perhaps try teaming your black jeans with a chunky turtleneck. You can also be clever with your accessories and match your black denim to your bag, or incorporate the shoes with both colours. This is one way to pull together all of these layering trends for your black jeans.

Above, the flared jeans have been frayed at the hem, making a subtle statement and providing more space to show off your footwear. Underneath it’s kept together with a matching frayed top.

Once again, there is experimentation with double denim by adding in a denim top under a duster coat. With a variety of lengths, you’ll appear taller and the practicality of a duster jacket is great! Cold outside? Duster. Arrive at the event? Ditch the duster and keep your look together with the denim co-ord.




Those nights out when you don’t fancy wearing a dress or a skirt is where black jeans really come through for you. This season crochet blouses have become such a popular piece. Originating from Victorian ruff-styled shirts, this redesigned garment carefully draws your extends your neckline.


The look on above really mixes up textures and fits, the skinny denim complements the nude toned heels, sleek hair and cat-eye sunglasses. The ruffled elements of the nostalgic top have also been balanced out with the structured build of the micro bucket bag.

This relaxed leopard print blouse has been tucked in and embellished with statement boots. The high-rise fit of the denim is a flattering contrast to the blouse but the shoes are where this outfit really shines.

The denim cuffs have been slightly turned up to showcase the detailing of the boots. This is something so small but can make a huge impact depending on your footwear choice.


The outfit on the right is another classic combination that’s all about the details. Taking a step away from skinny jeans, straight jeans are a great alternative.

With extra space for wearability around the legs, you can really draw your waist in with a statement belt, on in this case, bum bag. The urban touch of the denim has been balanced out with this light ruffled shirt.

Both pieces are of a looser fit but the boots are what pulls this look together, making this a great outfit that can take you from day-to-night.




Monochrome pairings are a versatile combination that can easily take you from day-to-night. It’s a pretty simple look to put together, just two block-coloured pieces. It doesn’t have to be boring though. Above, both girls are styling tailored white tops, which are ideal for pairing with black denim. The elegance of the tailored blazer on the left and the cold shoulder detailing on the left will contrast with the roughness of the denim. A small detail that really glams up a look would be getting a matching back bag.

For a more relaxed approach, take a boxy shirt that rivals a mans and simply slip it on with a pair of skinnies. This look is ideal if you are taller, the long line of the hem can skim around your thighs. You can also boost your femininity with a sleek pair of heeled sandals and a slouchy tote, making your look ooze effortlessness and sophistication.

For something a bit more formal try out a detailed lace blouse. The one on the right has interesting sleeves which would frame the tightness of the denim around the hips. Since the top is slightly transparent, a black undergarment would carefully reflect the colour of the denim. This is one of our personal favourites as it’s so easy to achieve and can literally be worn anywhere!