Tommy X Zendaya | Zendaya Tommy Hilfiger | Is It Worth The Hype?
Tommy hilfiger’s latest global ambassador zendaya is launching her second capsule collection – and it’s something to talk about.

February 2019 saw Zendaya launch her very first clothing collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, the TOMMY X ZENDAYA capsule collection. The collection was well-received by many of the fashion elite and The New York Times even reported that Tommy’s “secret weapon was Zendaya.” That initial buzz never seemed to die and in no time people began anticipating the next collection.
 Well, good news, because Zendaya’s second Fall 2019 collection is here and our Fashion Editor Laura got a sneak peek before it launched so she could give us the inside scoop!

If you haven’t heard of Zendaya by this time, you’ve most likely been living under a rock. Zendaya is a 23-year-old American actress who has been taking over Hollywood one film at a time. In the last year, The Greatest Showman which she co-starred in was nominated for three Golden Globes, she played Spiderman’s love interest and has become the new ambassador for Lancôme. One of those television roles was playing Rue Bennett in Euphoria, the drama series which took over the summer. In Europhia you see Zendaya play a 17-year-old recovering drug addict who always seems to don a maroon hoodie. So if you were expecting the Tommy Hilfiger collection to be as lax as her character Rue, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The first TOMMY X ZENDAYA collection debuted at Paris Fashion Week and was heavily inspired by seventies silhouettes and female empowerment. This time around, Zendaya has still kept to the late-seventies to early-eighties style but focused strongly on tailoring and power dressing. The TOMMYXZENDAYA Autumn 2019 collection was shown during New York Fashion Week at the Apollo Theater on the 8th September 2019.

Keep scrolling down to see some of the most interesting pieces from the TOMMYXZENDAYA AW19 collection as reviewed by our Fashion Editor.


I’ve never been the biggest fan of traditional patterns. So when I initially saw dogtooth on the rail I can honestly say I wasn’t too excited to see this trench. However, once I saw the full trench I had to retract my words. I felt like the TOMMY X ZENDAYA Fall 2019 collection seemed to have read my mind as this coat has been tailored in a flattering way. The statement belt cinches the waistline in as the skirt of the coat aids in mimicking an hourglass figure.

PROS: This trench is ideal for transitioning seasons and the subtle details are what make it stand out. The team at Tommy really know how to frame a silhouette and this jacket really captures a feminine figure.

CONS: If you have a bigger top half or chest, the double-breasted front will most likely not do you any favours as it will widen your torso.


One of my all-time favourite go-to trends is monochrome. I love how two contrasting colours can make such an impact on an outfit and the incorporation of the sweater vest does that. This TOMMY X ZENDAYA dress really captures the independent woman vibe that the seventies stood for. A turtle neck has always been a flattering style and occasionally we see a shapeless jumper dress for sale, but Zendaya has managed to create a jumper dress that actually has shape!

PROS: TOMMY X ZENDAYA has taken ageing trends such as jumper dresses, sweater vests and turtle necks, and reimagined their story. The layering look of the sweater vest is super flattering while the rolled turtle neck gives me Audrey Hepburn sophistication.

CONS: I feel like to give this dress the look it deserves you’d need to wear a pair of heels to add a feminine edge. In my opinion, this is a perfect day dress and unless I was heading to work, I would probably wouldn’t want to wear heels.


Let’s quickly talk about the TOMMY X ZENDAYA accessories because this collection has a lot of them. This fedora is the one piece that immediately spoke to me as soon as I walked in. I’m a sucker for a hat, especially a fedora and this one has a huge brim which would make you look poised and powerful.

PROS: If you’re like me and have owned a selection of hats, you’ll know that finding a brim that’s actually stiff is vital and this hat has it. The whole TOMMY X ZENDAYA collection is about confidence and structure so it makes sense to have a hat exudes power.

CONS: This fedora comes in one size only which seem to be a little bit large. If you want to wear the hat in a flat style like the model above and you have a small head you could struggle. Alternatively, you can just let it sit further back on your head and look more relaxed.


You may recognise this dress already as Zendaya has been spotted wearing this dress to events in New York. Now, while the style isn’t something that I would personally wear but it looked incredible on the models. I love dresses that have movement and move with you, rather than restrict you. If you look closely, this dress has two layers, the top one having larger polka dots and the underlayer having smaller polka dots. This captivated me and I give props to Zendaya for cleverly coming up with a quirky lining concept.

PROS: The lining is a huge pro for this dress. It’s not often you see a dress that has used a lining for anything but practicality. Obviously, the movement of the skirt and the sheer-like sleeves add to the look but the sewn-in scarf is what really tops this seventies dress off.

CONS: One thing I noticed when I saw the models in this dress is that the location of the split in the skirt seems to vary depending on the body shape. The TOMMY X ZENDAYA range is all about being inclusive, but it seems like between models and sizes the split can be a bit too revealing.


Frankly, this three-piece suit is the standout look within the whole TOMMY X ZENDAYA collection. At the first TOMMY X ZENDAYA show during Paris Fashion Week Zendaya actually came out wearing this suit. The suit comes as three separate pieces which all feature the monochrome ‘TZH’ monogram print. Paired with the fedora, this suit is the ultimate fashion statement for power dressing. The flared trousers are super flattering on a whole range of figures and I actually tried the jacket on and can vouch that it feels very luxurious.

PROS: The trousers have been made in a stretchy fabric which really frames your thighs. They’ve also been cut in a high-waisted design that makes you legs look sky-high. The blazer, as I mentioned, feels expensive. It has been darted at the back and features two vents on the back so it moves with your body.

CONS: It’s a shame that they didn’t craft the top in the same material as the trousers as the top feels stiffer than the rest of the suit:


To rewatch the TommyNow show where Tommy X Zendaya was launched click the video below: