Top 6: Bag Trends of 2019 - THE STYLE INSIDER

It’s fair to say that investing in trends can be costly, but buying a new bag is always a good idea. Throughout fashion month there was plenty of accessory inspiration for the coming season and the main focus was on bags. Last year everyone gravitated towards see-through accessories and bucket bags, and whilst these are still very much mainstream designs, it’s all about handles this year.

So if you’ve been wanting to upgrade your structured tote for something more circular, or embellished, now is the time!


STATEMENT HANDLES are one of the biggest design staples going. Starting it’s life on the runway and evolving to everyday styling, this trend is a must for the fashion-conscious. Circles are the shape of the moment so keep your eyes peeled for embellished circle handles.

Likewise, structured stab stitch handles or tortoiseshell handles in peculiar shapes are also winners. Anything that gives you the versatility to hold your bag on your wrist or just in your hand, perfectly dipslaying the intricate detailing.


ONE OF THE TRENDIEST BAGS ever designed, the bucket bag. Whenever there is a line up of essential accessories you can always expect to see this bag centre stage.

Forever evolving, the bucket bag started its life as a champagne holder in 1932! Now, crafted in numerous finishes with an array of handles or drawstrings, this bag is one for the ages.


THE SHAPE OF THE SEASON, circular. As we’ve said circular designs are at the top of accessory design right now and if you haven’t got your hands on a circle bag, then where have you been? Seen on the likes of Meghan Markle, Gigi Hadid and Alicia Vikander, this bag really is the trend of the moment.

This sophisticated shape has become the latest ‘it’ bag and with its seventies roots it adds a touch of nostalgia to a contemporary piece. Many circle bags also come with the option of handles and a detachable strap. Making this bag a cross-body is perfect for day-to-day dressing, while just using the handles gives it a more luxe clutch bag vibe.


NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED, animal print is a style of bag which will effortlessly add a dose of edginess to your look. So embrace one of the biggest trends of the year and live on the wild side with animal print.

Try an all-tonal outfit with an animal print accessory for an extra addition of vibrancy and boldness that will guarantee heads turning.


CHIC AND HANDS-FREE, cross-body bags with locks are a timeless piece that will never go out of style. Iconically inspired by Chanel’s quilted bag, these bags are a forever piece that you will not regret adding to your wardrobe.

This style of bag will instantly add a dose of luxury to your everyday style. Commonly crafted with chain shoulder straps and twist lock fastenings, these bags are not only practical but also incredibly on-trend.


THE NEON FINISH is an eighties favourite. This vibrant trend has extended into accessories and we’re kind of in love with it! Hard to miss, this captivating hue will add a much needed dose of fun into your wardrobe.



One thing to always keep in mind when investing in a new bag is the design. Like with everything, you should try to envision how well it will fit into your current wardrobe. How could you style it? Will it work for day and night?

It’s important to make sure your new bag will fit you. If you commute everyday, that small cross-body just will not do. There is no point of picking up a piece that will only end up in the back of your cupboard after a few months.

Also think about your figure, similarly to clothes bags can also be unflattering. For instance, you are on the shorter side, a large tote will drown you, Check out strap length, structure and sizes, all of which can effect your shape.


Whilst you want to make sure you get the most of a bag, it’s still good to make a subtle statement. Keeping to tonal colours such as black might seem like the safest option but feel free to experiment. Brown tones can be complimentary, as can khaki, so just shop around and see what catches your eye. If you do feel more comfortable getting a black bag, do so, but try playing around with textures and detailing so you have a verve.

One piece of advice though, try to steer clear of lighter hued bags if you wear a lot of denim. Brushing a light coloured bag on dyed fabric can cause colour transference!

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