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Let’s face it: dates are always nerve-wracking. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first or the fifth, we always end up panicking with our entire wardrobe at our feet crying that we have nothing to wear. Sound familiar? It’s time to chill out with a glass of prosecco and get the date prep going with a helping hand from Rob. Whether you’re going to a glamorous bar or your favourite coffee shop, we have a stylish look for every occasion. Keep reading for our top style tips on how to dress for a date and get that next one in the bag.


Heading to the cinema or going on a laid-back coffee date? It may be tempting to bring out your glad rags when you’re going on any type of date, but stick with a casual vibe in this case. If you’re not sure how to dress for a date that requires an everyday look, we’ve got you covered.

Jeans and a nice top has been a go-to choice for most girls, simply because you really can’t go wrong with it. Blue denim is more casual than black, so opt for a pair in your favourite fit – we recommend skinny, as they show off your curves while elongating your legs.

Choose a white tee with a cute logo or saying on it and pair it with white trainers to create an outfit with subtle matching pieces. Bright white clothes automatically catch the eye, which is exactly what you want on a date, right?

A stylish longline coat adds a touch of formality to pull the whole look together. Choose a black coat and shopper bag to contrast the lighter parts of the outfit while sticking to the dress code.

Rob’s Top Tip: Tucking in your top creates a more polished finish and shoes off your curves, especially when combined with a chunky belt buckle. If you’re not convinced, try a french tuck – leaving the back loose and the front tucked in.


If you’re doing something fun like visiting a gallery, before grabbing drinks at a bar, you’ll need an outfit that works for both occasions. When it comes to how to dress for a date without a specific dress code, covering all bases is important.

Knotting your clothes is a great way of transforming classic pieces into a fun and flirty look, especially when done to a shirt. Take your favourite shirt, undo the last couple of buttons and tie the two ends together to create a tie that stops just as your skirt hits. You can make it shorter if you’d prefer, but we find this length shows off your waist beautifully.
A black leather bagis convenient and cute, perfect for exploring a new place with a special someone. Accessories can make or break an outfit, it’s best to be subtle for this occasion. Opt for a felt sun hat if it’s warm, otherwise top off your look with a cute pom-pom beanie.

Rob’s Top Tip: Want to dress it up a bit? Swap the trainers for some heeled ankle boots and the backpack for a cross body bag.


Whether you’re being treated to a fancy meal or cocktails on a rooftop bar, some dates call for something a little more dressed up. Avoid jeans and trainers – it’s time to dress to impress. If you’re struggling with how to dress for a date like this, we’ve got your back.

Sticking with a classic LBD is a safe but stylish bet. Take it up a notch by choosing a classic black dress with glitter detailing to avoid blending into the background. Guaranteed to turn heads as soon as you walk through the door, glitter mini dresses are a trend that never gets old.

It’s time to chuck away the trainers for a night like this and choose an adorable pair of heels. Go for plain black boots to avoid overdosing on glitter before adding a classic crossbody bag to complete the look.

Cold shoulder dresses are a great way of flashing a little bit of skin while still sticking with a dressy vibe. Don’t forget your jacket – nobody wants to freeze on the way home. A faux fur lined leather jacket is as cosy as it is stylish, making it perfect to throw on before you head into town.

Rob’s Top Tip: Adding a glamorous waist belt is a great way of showing off your curves as it pulls you in at the waist. Opt for something with subtle sparkle to add some eye-catching detail to the outfit.

Now that you’ve got a look for every type of date, it’s time to start getting glammed up with Rob. From stunning wrap coats to stylish killer heels, you’ll find all the latest trends in our latest range.