If you haven’t noticed the plethora of prints popping up in the fashion world, where have you been? From Instagram to the runway, it’s been hard to ignore all the stylish print-based outfits coming out of nowhere.. Daring and eye-catching yet also totally wearable, it’s no wonder everyone’s going crazy over this trend. Knowing exactly how to wear prints can be tricky, especially if you’ve stayed away from the bold and bright trend in the past. Don’t worry though, Rob’s got your back with all the tips and tricks to pulling off prints like a pro.



Jumpsuits are a huge lifesaver during a fashion crisis, and are especially handy when it comes to experimenting with prints. You don’t have to worry if your top matches your trousers, plus they’re usually incredibly comfortable – what could be better?

If you’re a newbie to the world of prints, opt for something subtle like polka dots or floral patterns so you don’t wear overwhelmed. Feeling brave? Animal print has been a huge craze over the last couple of months so try taking the plunge with some faux-snake or leopard print patterns.

When it comes to accessories, let the jumpsuit do the talking by opting for subtle neutral colours. Black is undoubtedly the easiest colour to style with the majority of prints, making it a great option when it comes to tackling the trend. Pair your jumpsuit with some sleek black heels and a sophisticated black bag to finish off the outfit without distracting from the jumpsuit.

This look is perfect as the seasons start to change and the weather warms up. Fancy making it more casual? Swap the heels for plain trainers and add a denim jacket for a cute everyday look.

Rob’s Top Tip: Going for a long sleeved jumpsuit? Rolling up your sleeves can actually do a lot for the look as it creates a contrast and has a slimming effect on the arms.



Formal wear doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it’s one of the best times to bring out a beautifully bright print. Make sure you stand out from the crowd while staying within the dress code with a printed dress. Designed to cinch you in at the waist, belted midi-dresses flatter most people and are easily glammed up with a statement necklace.

Choose a bodycon dress to show off your figure despite the demure length. Look for details like subtle slits and deep necklines to add some extra glamour. Formal shouldn’t mean stuffy, but rather a chance to look your best and in a dress like this, you’re guaranteed to impress.

Avoid sticking with black this time and choose a solid colour that features in your chosen print. This doesn’t have to be the primary colour, nor does it have to be the brightest. Instead, choose a soft shade that features throughout the pattern to pull the entire look together. Strappy heels ooze dainty femininity, even more so when paired with a matching clutch bag.

Rob’s Top Tip: When it comes to choosing the print, consider the event you are attending. Floral is a good choice simply because it suits most events, whereas polka dots and animal print may not be dressy enough for some.



Jazz up your everyday looks by incorporating some striking prints. It’s easy to get into the routine of wearing the same old thing everyday, but swapping plain trousers for prints can really upgrade an outfit in an instant. Culottes are breezy, comfortable and are easy to wear all year round – plus, they look great with a print.

Floral, geometric and animal print culottes have been spotted, all of which make a outfit that’s equally stylish and comfortable. You can’t beat a simple white graphic tee, especially during the hot summer and warm spring.

As mentioned, picking out a colour in your print and incorporating it throughout the rest of the look results in an immaculately put together outfit. Try to match your bag and trainers with one of the main colours on your culottes to achieve the full effect. Can’t find the trainers or bag in the same colour? Match your nail varnish, lipstick or scarf instead – simple, yet effective.

Rob’s Top Tips: Instead of tucking your T-shirt in, gather the material around the front and tie it in a small knot to pull your waist in and crop the tee slightly. Don’t worry about flashing too much skin, this knot usually sits right above the waistband of your trousers to create a more fitted effect.



Whether you’re running errands or taking your dog for a stroll, some days require an easy outfit. A comfortable pair of jeans is an essential in any woman’s wardrobe, acting as a neutral base that complements prints wonderfully. High-rise skinny jeans curve to your body and pull you in at the waist effortlessly, so make sure to french tuck your tops to continue the illusion.

Speaking of tops, this is where the print will shine. Go for something relaxed in fit to keep it chill, but make sure you go bright with the print. The balance created by a combination of neutral jeans and vibrant print is perfect for a lazy day, turning heads without looking overdone.

Sporty trainers are a huge hit for everyday wear and a trend everyone should get on board with. There’s not much better than a mix of fresh pair of white trainers and flattering jeans, all brought together by a head turning print.

Rob’s Top Tip: Mixing and matching prints is an easy way of adding eye-catching detail to the outfit. Be brave and pair a contrasting pattern to your look in the form of a head scarf or bag. Stripes and polka dots, for example, are a surprisingly perfect match.



Looking for an outfit to wear from desk to dinner? We’ve got you covered. Wrap dresses exude sophistication without looking overly formal, making them perfect for stepping out from work and socialising.

A long sleeved dress will keep you warm during summer, but a lined leather jacket is an opulent addition when you’re feeling the cold. Keep it classy with a pair of heeled boots and choose black to match the jacket. Having neutral elements within a look prevents it from being brash, which is exactly what you want to avoid when trying to pull off a print.

Make the outfit pop with a vibrant crossbody bag and you’ll be good to go. Although going with a matching colour is recommended to complete the look, try experimenting with different colours. A red dress looks surprisingly good with an emerald bag, as does a purple dress with orange shoes.

Rob’s Top Tip: Not a fan of wrap dresses? Swap it for a playsuit; not only are they effortlessly fashionable, they’ll set you aside from everyone else in the office.