Uggs are back, and ready for Autumn 2021

Ugg boots are making a comeback, and you could soon see a pair returning to your wardrobe. 

In the early noughties, Ugg’s were THE ‘must-have’ shoe after they were made popular by a string of fashion-forward celebrities including Paris Hilton, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. Those instantly recognisable shearling lined booties were everywhere and thanks to a new generation of A-list wearers, the humble Ugg boot has returned. 

Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski have been spotted donning the now iconic slipper-like Ugg shoes from the now-famous Australian brand. Google searches for Uggs were also reportedly at an all time high in winter 2020, and have been revealed as one of the most searched for and saved products on global fashion platform Lyst. Not only has this brought back a wave of nostalgia for those of us who witnessed the trend for the first time round; their popularity among budding fashionista’s is also on the rise, with fresh demand for Ugg boots expected to grow this autumn. 

The History of the Ugg boot

The unisex boots originated in Australia and are notable for their design crafted from soft sheepskin fabric, with a fleece interior. Uggs were adopted by surfers in the 1960s for warmth, and by the mid-1970s Uggs were sold in surf shops on the US west coast. The US Olympic team famously donned Uggs at the 1994 Winter Olympics, and the shoe finally began to receive recognition outside of surfer culture. 

The Ugg boot went on to take the world by storm in the early 2000s, attracting celebrity endorsements from Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez, to name a few. Paired with the ‘on-trend’ velour tracksuits and low slung jeans of the period, Uggs were the ultimate status symbol of the Y2K hey-day, and sparked a number of copycat styles over the years. Their hiatus from our wardrobes has been short-lived however, with a Ugg revival that has seemingly sparked over recent months. 

Return of Ugg for 2021

As 2020 was a big year for casualwear, it’s not surprising to see fashion-lovers wanting to adopt a more comfier and relaxed look on the streets. 

Fashion forecasters have said that we can expect to see Uggs returning this autumn, with a whole range of colours and styles on offer this time round.

Hop on this throwback trend with a cosy pair of Ugg slippers, which come in a variety of versatile colours to complement your loungewear. Ideal for staying toasty around the house, they provide maximum comfort and style, and make great gifts. 

Or, go for the ultimate classic look with the now iconic Ugg boot, available in black or chesnut to give your laid-back style a touch of luxe. 

If you’re not quite ready to ride the wave of nostalgia, Uggs also boast fantastic and comfortable stylish sandals and slip-ons with more modern designs. Go low-key with the Kari sandals, or make a cool, contemporary statement with the fuzzy slider styles available here at Robert Goddard. 

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