What To Wear For An Interview: Six Style Tips - THE STYLE INSIDER

Interviews are both exciting and nerve wracking in equal measure, especially during the lead up to the big day. Coming up with an interview outfit that fits the business brief while representing your personality can be difficult at the best of times. Even the most naturally stylish women among us struggle when it comes to these formal meetings, so needing help with interview clothes is totally normal.

Ideally, you want to make an impression as soon as you walk through the door by showing off your personality through your clothes. Stuck on how to do so? Let us help you get that job in the bag with our top tips on what to wear for an interview to look feminine yet powerful.



Demand attention without straying from formality by incorporating prints into your look. Besides getting the job, one of the main aims of an interview is making sure you’re remembered for all the right reasons.

Wearing a statement dress that is both exciting and sophisticated is a surefire way of sticking in their mind, so long as you don’t go for an overly brash pattern. Feminine florals are a great option, but don’t be afraid to experiment with more ornamental designs to really turn some heads. Intricate jacquard inspired prints ooze regality without looking over the top and are an absolutely stunning choice.

Once you’ve picked a striking dress, pair it with some sleek black heeled boots. They tend to be more practical than heels yet remain equally as stylish. Sticking with more plain accessories lets the dress really shine, so match your bag with your boots by sticking with classy black or grey tones.

Rob’s Top Tip: Not sure which print to get? The aforementioned floral and jacquard prints look great, but don’t forget about classic polka dots and contemporary animal prints. Both are remarkably popular at the moment, but make sure you stay classy by sticking with one stand out print. Overloading on leopard may seem like a fashion forward idea, but it may just look overdone in this instance.



There’s nothing more empowering than flaunting a two piece suit, and all that confidence is guaranteed to pay off during your interview. Think crisp shirts, matching pieces and power heels all the way.

It may be tempting to stick with black when it comes to suits, but try expanding your colour palette by opting for a lighter hue. Pastel shades, rust tones and deep berry colours are all great choices that express a high fashion appeal when used in a power suit, making them a great choice for professional interviews.

Choosing one of these colours for your suit will set you apart from everyone else, although you can follow our fifth tip to brighten up the look if you’re committed to wearing black. A white shirt looks amazing with any colour, although you can choose a blouse if you’d prefer. Let the suit be the star of the show by choosing a plain top in white or black.

Make an impact with your shoe choice by going for a pair of leg lengthening heels. The colour depends on your choice of suit, but you can’t go wrong with black or pale nude shoes.

Rob’s Top Tip: If you aren’t a blazer girl, match the colour of your coat to your trousers instead to create your own two piece. Black, grey and white are easy colours to put together even if they aren’t meant as a two piece, although you’d be surprised at the combinations you can create by sticking with one shade.



If you aren’t into matching two pieces, you’ll be glad to hear that separate pieces can look just as good. A simple, yet remarkably effective interview outfit consists of a thin knit tucked into some flattering tailored trousers. Don’t go for matching pieces and get creative with different colour combinations to make an outfit that shows off your personality.

Go for a fitted top and bottoms for this look to avoid appearing overly casual and slouchy. Avoid jeans, leggings or loose fit trousers as well as baggy tops to remain formal yet comfortable.

Rob’s Top Tip: Feeling the chill? Layer your knit over a white shirt and have the collar peeking out. Add some dainty coin necklaces under the collar so it hangs over your knit; this bit of sparkle is elegant and on-trend, both of which are targets to hit when it comes to fashion.



Not feeling your outfit? Adding the right coat can instantly upgrade it and make it a winner. Statement pieces are essential for simple outfits as they can give them a whole new vibe without having to change the base of the look.

Whether you’re wearing a dark dress that could do with a splash of colour or a neutral tone that makes you blend into the background, your coat can do wonders. Longline wrap coats are flattering due to their ability to cinch you in at the waist, plus  waist length jackets can make your legs appear longer.

Whatever style you decide to go for, make a statement by stepping out of your comfort zone and choosing something with vibrancy. It’s an effective way of making sure you get remembered for all the right reasons once you’ve stepped out of the office.

Rob’s Top Tip: Think outside the box when it comes to the colour of your coat. Yes, red looks great with black, but has that not been a tad overdone? Try emerald green, sunset orange and blush pinks; they’re wearable but a bit different from the typical combinations we’re all used to.



An all black look oozes class and sophistication, but may have you blending into the background at an interview. Brighten up your look by incorporating one colourful accessory into the mix. This can be shoes, your handbag, a statement necklace or just your coat, but make sure you go vibrant to show off your personality.

Whether you’re choosing some form fitting trousers or a little black dress, adding a pop of colour can transform the look entirely. If you’re stuck with what to wear for an interview using this rule, try a white off the shoulder blouse, fitted black trousers, a black handbag and top it all off with bright fuschia heels.

Rob’s Top Tip: The reason everyone loves black so much is that it’s universally flattering and looks good with just about anything. We’ve spoken about experimenting with colour throughout our tips, but this is a great way of doing so without making you uncomfortable. Teal heels with a black dress? Orange handbag with black trousers and blouse? The combinations are endless.



Longer length dresses used to be reserved strictly to the beach or parties, but they’ve risen in the ranks to become a popular piece that every girl should have. Whether you’re dressing them down with trainers and a denim jacket or, in this case, heading out for a formal interview, they’re incredibly stylish.

One of the best things about longer length dresses, such as midi and maxi, is that you don’t have to put much thought into the rest of the outfit. They look great with a simple crossbody bag and black heels, making them a great option for those who don’t feel confident with their style.

Rob’s Top Tip: Tie waistbands have become a popular feature on longer length dresses as they show off your waist rather than letting the piece drown your figure. If you’ve bought a dress without one, try tying a matching piece of material around your waist or using a belt.