What To Wear With Men's Black Jeans | The Ultimate Style Guide
A good pair of trousers is a vital part of any man’s wardrobe, but an absolute essential is a pair of black jeans. Now, whilst your other denim has had your back over the years, there is nothing more reliable than a good pair of black jeans. We’ve all heard the phrase “black goes with everything” and it’s pretty much true. Black is one of the most versatile colours you can wear and makes a great foundation for any look, day or night.

Denim in itself is an incredibly relaxed material that works wonders for casual attire. However, the darker the denim the smarter the look so you don’t need to be wearing chinos or trousers to follow the dress code anymore! Formalities will accept black jeans over any other type of denim due to its sleek and sophisticated nature. Obviously, there is an array of different styles of jeans on the market. From ripped skinnies to a straight fit, there’s a cut for all shapes, heights and personal styles.

Pretty much everyone owns at least one pair of black jeans but that doesn’t mean we all feel confident when styling them. With so many rules about what colours ‘go’ together, or if black jeans are formal enough, it can get quite stressful. That’s why we’re here to make your life easier and give you a hand when it comes to tips on styling, fits and colourways!



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Also, the contrast between the black denim and white shirt is striking, providing the look with structure and character.

Monochrome is a trend we see time and time again, this is because black and white together create the perfect blank canvas for you to accessorise! Just by tucking the shirt in and wearing a smooth leather belt, you’ve got a smasual look ideal for summertime socialising. Here, the shirt has been left loose and could be complemented by rolled cuffs while the slim-fit jeans lightly hug the shape of his legs. This is one of the most versatile pairings you can find!

One of the best looks is simply pairing black jeans with a buttoned-up shirt. This super easy outfit is ideal for smart casual dress codes and socialising. If you’re feeling bold, showcase your jeans with a vibrantly patterned shirt. These jeans are skin skimming but have been given a bit a of wash finish leaving you with a grungy feel. Washed jeans and ripped jeans can be tricky to style but all in all, they add a bucketful of character and the distress will wear well. If you’re feeling bold, a contrasting coloured shirt like below is a great way to mix up your look and leave you looking laid-back yet still smart.



Another big trend that’s been making a comeback is double denim but don’t worry, we won’t let you repeat the 2001 Justin Timberlake fiasco!

Firstly, black denim is far sleeker than blue wash so you’ll always have an element of class when wearing black jeans. Pair these jeans, like above, with a regular-fit denim shirt to create a subtle denim-on-denim look which you can wear for many occasions.

Chelsea boots also go hand-in-hand with skinny jeans as their smooth leather uppers stand out against the rough texture of the denim and exude premium quality.

Another option for styling double denim is getting your hands on a denim jacket. As seen often on David Beckham, you can easily slip on a dark blue wash jacket over a tonal outfit for a casual day-to-day look.

When you pair a black tee with slim-fit black jeans, you have the perfect canvas to accessorise. Like Beckham’s daily vibe, finish your look off with suede desert boots or trainers and a staple flat cap. This guy has broken up the outfit with a vibrant hat, adding a touch of interest and practicality.

For a more on-trend approach, try out a pair of ripped skinny jeans matched with a regular white hoodie and light blue denim jacket. This look is incredibly understated, from the hood up to the white trainers.

This denim jacket is a big contrast to the black jeans but the distressed detailing on the knees compliments the faded fabric on the jacket. You can also roll up the cuffs to give the whole look a bit more of a worn-in vibe.



Inherently a casual garment, black jeans can be styled to look sharp and sophisticated. Here, the jeans has been styled in a sleek tonal look, very simple to achieve but really packs a punch.

With slim-fit black jeans as his foundation, the black crew neck extends his torso making him appear taller. The slim-fit jacket also tapers in at his waist while the stitched detailing accentuates his shoulders, making him appear slightly broader.

Black-on-black outfits are a great fail safe if you are concerned about what to wear. There is a reason people gravitate to black clothing when shopping and it’s down to its reliability and flattering nature.

In keeping with this neutral palette, this look has been carefully curated. The monochromatic tones have been uplifted with the brown loafers and subtle accessories.

The white fitted shirt with a classic collar perfectly outlines the black tie which is key for your formal wear. The whole look is very structured and has been tapered to fit his body similar to that of a suit.

A bit more refined, this shirt and jacket combo would be ideal for events and occasions throughout the year.

With a cool open collar, this look still has elements of casual attire but it has been well balanced with the single-breasted jacket and shirt.

Cleverly accessorised with subtle jewellery, a pocket square and a watch, these black jeans have almost taken on the form of a pair of chinos!

Now, who said black jeans can’t be worn for weddings? This next look is a complete ode to occasion wear and features a pair of slim-fit jeans. Once again taking the place of trousers and chinos, these jeans have been framed with a beige suit jacket.