Which Coat Suits My Body Shape? | THE STYLE INSIDER
We are now in december, the temperature is low and the questions you may be asking is ‘which coat suits my body shape‘ and ‘how can I flatter my figure in a bulky coat?’

There are numerous styles of coats to choose from and finding one that not only suits, but is comfortable and you feel confident in, can be a challenge. Everyone wants to flatter their body shape but not everyone knows their body shape, let alone how to dress it. Plus, if you’re looking for a coat that suits your body shape, that can be a struggle within itself. Most coats are often made in a bulky shape to keep your body warm which is a vital part however making sure it suits you is just as important.

An ill-fitting coat can ruin an entire outfit if it doesn’t flatter your body shape, you don’t want to look like you’ve draped a bin bag on your shoulders. Whether you are top-heavy, petite or curvy, if you keep scrolling you’ll see our stylist’s top tips for finding the perfect coat that suits your body shape.




If you’re lucky enough to have a rectangular body shape, congratulations because you can get away with wearing most coat styles. Celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kiera Knightley also share your straight frame. You, alongside these women, have the opportunity to wear anything that’s chunky or oversized.

As most coats flatter your body shape there aren’t too many rules to abide by so we will just give you a few tips on how you can really flatter your figure.

  1. Try to add shape to your figure with either a fit-and-flare cut or a belt around the waist – both of these will add more definition to your straight silhouette.
  2. A double-breasted fastening will add width on the chest making your bust appear slightly larger.
  3. Colour blocking is key for rectangular body shapes as it will give your body balance.

If you’re looking for comfort and the Ted Baker Zenna Double Breasted Faux Fur Coat will be the perfect option to show off your slender legs.

Give the colour blocking ago with the Carmelita Colour Block Wool Coat. The androgenous shape is minimal and will compliment your straight hips.


MILAN, ITALY – APRIL 06 (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)

Do you have a strawberry body shape? Well, if you do you probably struggle when it comes to finding a coat that suits your body shape. Since you have a fuller top half it will be hard to find a coat that will insulate you while not adding bulk. You’re not alone though, the likes of Renée Zellweger and Naomi Campbell share your broad shoulders.

The main thing to remember is embellishments, you need to balance out your figure and tactically placed embellishments will help you achieve this.

  1. Fit-and-flare cuts will be your best friend. Check out how Renée Zellweger’s trench coat minimises her broad shoulders, instead highlighting her waistline.
  2. As we’ve said, embellishments are everything. Detailing such as pockets or buttons around the skirt and hem will draw eyes to your lower half.
  3. A tailored cut will always be favourable when choosing a coat for a strawberry shape. Trapeze and cape styles will also balance your figure out but make sure you opt for loose sleeves to soften your angular arms.
  4. Colours are also a great way to flatter a strawberry body shape. Darker and neutral coloured coats are your best bet, but pair them with bright garments underneath. However, if you want to wear a straight and tailored coat you should plan a monochrome outfit as to not distract from the lines of the coat.

If you’re looking for warmth try the Armani Exchange Longline Quilted Coat. While this coat is quilted the flared lower half will balance your figure out.

A trench is a great option for strawberries and this TommyXZendaya trench is ideal. It sticks with the neutral tones, flares at the waist and the slight puff on the shoulders will soften your angles.



If you’re a pear shape you will have wide-set hips and a smaller top half, you’ll also have an enviable waistline! Styling this common body shape relies on defining the narrow waistline and often that’s achieved using belts.

As you have wider hips and a fuller bottom, you don’t want to draw any more attention that area so it’s about balancing out your top half. You have the likes of Jenifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Scarlett Johansson, all who have the pear body shape. So know how to style your curvaceous body shape when it comes to buying your next coat by following these rules:

  1. Three-quarter length coats should be your go-to, they will give the illusion of longer legs which, in turn, will narrow your hips. Trench coats that sit above your knees are great for achieving this, plus they often have a built-in belt to cinch the waist.
  2. Another great option is fit-and-flare styles but you must make sure they flare from the waist not the hips, as the hips will add extra bulk.
  3. You will need to look for coats with room for your hips to move.
  4. Detailing for a pear shape is as vital as it is for the strawberry shape. Look for shoulder pads, epaulettes or wide lapels to add proportion on your smaller-sized shoulders.

This three-quarter length Ted Baker coat is the perfect example of flaring at the waist. The small flare will give your hips their much-needed space while the hood will widen your narrow shoulders.

Sitting on the knees, this more formal jacket also has room for your hips but also cinches the waist with a statement belt. The wide lapels and open design will also widen your top half, balancing out the body.


The hourglass figure is one I’m sure everyone has seen and heard of. This body shape heavily focuses on a narrow waistline and a bust that matches the measurements of the hips. In most cases, hourglass figures have a fuller bottom and bust making the waistline standout on its own.

While this flattering body shape is envied by many, it is one to be mindful of how you style it, especially when it comes to coats. Similarly to the pear shape, it is vital to focus on cinching your waistline.

Like Dita Von Teese, this body shape is also shared by celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Beyoncé, Jane Mansfield and Brigitte Bardot.

  1. An obvious choice for the hourglass shape is a wrap coat or trench. The belt on both styles of coat will effortlessly pull in your mid-section and keep you looking cinched. A trench is also a lightweight coat that naturally has a slight flare which will mimic your figure without appearing bulky.
  2. Most hourglass shapes have a fuller bust but have quite narrow shoulders so opt for hoods, a fur collar, wide lapels or padded shoulder to keep everything in line.
  3. Look for designs that are buttonless or at least have basic buttons. Any detailing on the torso can unbalance an already proportionate figure.
  4. If you have a petite hourglass body it’s pivotal that you avoid double-breasted styles. Oversized coats will also drown your figure unless they are part of a petite range.

Beige is one of the most flattering colours for the hourglass body shape so this Ted Baker coat seems perfect. This belt, alongside the wide neckline, will balance out your proportionate figure. Also, note that this coat comes in a longer length and multiple colours.

A black coat can forgive many sins and this Barbour International coat is the perfect example. The faux-fur hood will add width to your narrow shoulders while the elasticated belt will pull you in. Quilted coats can be difficult as they are an insulated fabric, but this style will still flatter you.





Apple body shapes tend to have a full mid-section and enviable legs. Your hips are the narrowest part of your figure and they lead onto a pair of enviable legs. To balance this top-heavy figure, you need to focus on elongating the torso and giving the illusion of a waistline. As an apple body shape, you will need a coat that really highlights your slender legs and suits your torso.

Often people associate the apple shape with being plus-sized but the apple body shape can be found on a plethora of women. Famous apple shapes include Angelina Jolie, Amy Schumer, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Drew Barrymore.

  1. Structured shapes are your new best friend, try out a-line coats and knee-length trenches.
  2. Cropped styles will elongate your legs which are your show-stopping trait. Search for coats that sit at your hip or upper thigh.
  3. Open coats and ponchos will be flattering for women with the apple body shape. This shape won’t cling to your bust and it will showcase your narrow hips.
  4. Keep an eye out for flared designs or coats with low pockets. Both of these features will achieve the same thing which is to balance out the hips with your bust.
  5. Avoid teddy coats and cocoon shapes as these structureless coats will not do you any favours!