Digital Picking

The Standard Digital Picking is available on the iOS, Android and Veeqo Scanners.

Click here to download the app:


To get started hit Pick Orders on the orders page or go to the Main Menu and hit Picking. Choose Manually select orders to pick.

By default you'll see all your Unpicked and Ready To Ship orders. Select from this list which orders you'd like to begin picking and hit Pick.


You can pick the items by scanning them with the camera on your device. Just hit the camera icon when picking to start scanning.

Alternatively you can enter the quantity picked in;

  • Card View by tapping the large numbers

  • List View by hitting the pick icon.

If you need to stop picking and do something else you can leave the pick list at any time. When you go back to pick orders you'll see you have a pick list currently assigned to you. Tap this option to carry on where you left off.

And that's it! Put those items in the relevant packaging, ready for the van to collect.