POS Exchange Process

Scan the receipt to open the customer order.

If no receipt is present please follow these steps:
On the home screen of the Shopify POS app, tap ≡.

Tap Orders.

Tap the order of the item being returned.

Tap Return.

Optional: For faulty web order returns, tap Refund shipping to refund the cost of shipping.

Enable Refund balance to a gift card to issue a gift card for the amount returned.

If this is not already linked to a customer, click “add customer” and either search for or add the customer. It is vital that all exchanges be linked to the same customer account.

When you're ready to process the refund, tap Refund.

Retain this gift card in order to process the exchange.

Optional: Provide a receipt to the customer to show the item has been returned.

Tap Done.

Scan the item(s) to be purchased as an exchange.

Search for and add the customer to the transaction.

On the payment method screen, select Gift Card.

Scan the newly issued gift card to complete the transaction.

You have now completed the exchange.